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     Volume 2 Issue 1 | January 6, 2007 |


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Editor's Note

Let's be honest with ourselves

Happy New Year to our readers! We hope that in the year 2007 we will have the courage and the honesty to look into our hearts and think about the quality of life and the world we are going to create not just for a few of us but for the entire young population of this country. Or, I wonder if we are destined to remain where we are, bickering away among ourselves while the world moves on. I am afraid we are as long as we remain short-sighted and choose to become a nation of people who loves short-cuts.

So many of our young people do so well when they leave the country and go outside for education, training or jobs. They are ready to work hard, to make real investments investments in skills, in education, investments that take time to bear fruits. Then why so that so many of the businessmen at home would rather look for ways to avoid true competition than work hard to win the competition? Students would rather cheat in exams. than try to study hard and for once learn something useful? Teachers would rather work outside the classrooms than teach and research?

The truth is that in a country where there is no security, we are afraid to make any real investments. Short-cuts and short gaps work better in a country where we are afraid to make plans beyond the next year. To end this cycle of decline we need to set our priorities right to me the most important thing is security law and order, followed by health because we need to be healthy and secure for us to make any plans for the future. Education follows almost immediately. I strongly believe that healthy and secure people would be willing to make real investments in themselves than look for selfish short-cuts.

Shaheen Kabir
Advisory Editor, Star Insight

Medical student : “Father, I want to specialize in heart surgery.”

World-wise father : “How many hearts are there in a human body?”

Student : “Only one.”

Father : “And how many teeth?”

Student : “Thirty-two.”

Father : “Then try to become a dental surgeon.”



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