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     Volume 2 Issue 1 | January 6, 2007 |


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In this issue

An Unfulfilled Dream
Hundred years have passed since Rokeya started the first school for Bengali Muslim girls. Her perseverance and endeavour to establish women's right for education did not go in vain. By now one fourth of Bangali Muslim women are able to read and write.
Two Stories
Many hundreds of years ago, Aesop, a Greek slave, became famous for the fables he told. Today Aesop's fables are still read and enjoyed by the people all over the world.
Rajban Vihara: Internationally Known Monastery in Rangamati
Raj Bana Bihar, one of the internationally famous Buddhist temples in Bangladesh, is located in the Rangamati Hill District town. The Raj Bana Bihar was founded in 1975 on 10 acres of land.
Pabna Edward College: The Oldest College of the District
Pabna Edward College is the oldest educational institution in Pabna that has been providing the light of education for over a hundred years.

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