Volume 2 Issue 26 | January 19, 2008 |


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Concert for a Noble Cause

I was performing almost everyday, and the decision not to accept every offer was based on my choosiness rather than time constraints! And even today, I am just as choosy. Music is my life.
Now in the back of their cottage the couple had a little window through which they could see a splendid garden full of the most beautiful flowers and plants. The owner of that garden, however, was a witch whom everybody feared; and no one dared approach.
Pig Rearing- A Livelihood
Chatmohor Upazila of Pabna district is famous and popular in breeding and raising pigs. In this Upazila there are many Christian families which took the pig rearing profession as something that has been passed down.
Asheq Mahmud Still Remembered
It is said that Asheq Mahmud Talukder sent his donation, all in coins, loaded in two horse-driven carts from Madarganj, which was some 30 kilometers away from the district town. Azim Uddin Ahmed was appointed as the first principal of this college.

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