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The Murong Life Through Images

Weddings also have their own way. The women have to live with the men first. Sometimes the women spend some time with the man to decide whether or not he is marriage worthy. In fact, both sides have to agree about marriage based on compatibility.
The Frog Princess
Thus it was that three weddings were celebrated the next Sunday: the first son married the nobleman's daughter, the second son wed the merchant's daughter and poor Prince Ivan wed the frog.
Ershad’s Handmade Paper
“At first, it was unthinkable for me to try and set up a handmade paper industry in this day in age. But now, after seeing the increased demand for these products, I see a ray of hope”
Tengratila High School Now 43
The small village Tengratila which was fairly unknown till a few years ago came into prominence after it gained the dubious honor of a gas well planted by a Canadian company blew up in 2006.

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