Volume 2 Issue 29 | March 15 , 2008 |


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The Flower Business
I was offered no form help from any of my fellow villagers. I had a lot of problems traveling back and forth to the market, carrying fertilizers, selling goods. My husband and my two children were my only help. They assisted me in sorting and dealing with these issues.
The Story of the Bull
Days and months passed. Things, however, did not go on very smoothly. After all a step-son was a step-son and a step-mother was a step-mother!
Mosques from the Sultani Period
According to historical records, 10 mosques were built during Sultani era, and 11 lakes were excavated during the same period. The Muslim period came to an end and the provincial capital Barobazar became desolate.
The Silk Village of Dhunat
However, should you lose your way and find yourself in this little village the sounds of the spinning wheels will immediately tell you that this village is busy making cloth.

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