Volume 2 Issue 30 | March 29 , 2008 |


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Organic Alternatives

He was doing much better in comparison to the other farmers of the village who use chemical fertilizer. This Bharmi compost fertilizer has been tested at the Jessore soil test office. It has been shown to be very effective and its effects last longer while chemical T.S.P fertilizers act quick but do not last very long.
The Story of the Bull
He quickly turned to her and wanted to know what brought her there. She avoided answering him and instead asked, “What are you eating? Why don't you give me some if it?”
Remains of a Plane
I've been seeing this object since I was a child. I don't think anybody knows what really happened till today. There is probably some story behind it. The experts have to come forward and piece together the story of this crash.
Mahakali Pathshala has its Centenary
Mahakali Girls' School and College which first started as a primary school, or pathshala just celebrated a full 100 years in operation. Mahakhali School and College was named after the bighearted Bimola Shundari, one of the members of the Muktagacha Zamindar's family. This school has done its part to educate the women of the town.

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