Volume 2 Issue 31 | April 12 , 2008 |


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Celebrating Life

Sure we have people like Tarque Masud, Mohammad Rafiquzzaman and many others to be proud of but we need to ensure a steady supply of creative minds capable of keeping Bangladesh's flag flying high for years to come.
The Story of the Bull
The bull bent low, murmured something, and breathed on the bark, and in the twinkling of an eye the bark was transformed into a beautiful young girl.
Mysterious Saint Martin's
Going up the mountains, climbing rocks and boating is what I do when I travel to these remote parts of the country. I have experienced quite a few things that most people have not. Once I went to St. Martin's Island by swimming all the way from Teknaf and then crossing the Bangla Channel.
Nurul Haque’s Literary Aspirations
He also got a Bangla Academy Award in 1986. Besides, a cultural organization in Sylhet, Natyalok gave him a reception and award in 1985 while Jalalabad Juba Forum honored him posthumously.

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