Volume 2 Issue 33 | May 10, 2008 |


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Living with Gandhiji

She has given her life to serve humanity and following the movements of Mahatma Gandhi and when asked if she has any regrets in her life, she replied “I wish I could have studied more”.
The Charak Festival
“The Charak festival begins at Chaitra 30th of the Bangla Calendar and ends on Pahela Baishakh every year. But the Charak festival does not end there. Typically the Charak tree is kept in front of Bothor Shib Mondir for the devotees.
The Story of the Bull
The King said, “I can't give you much time and I am not interested in hearing your answer. I want the tank to be excavated and filled with milk before tomorrow night is over. If you can't do it you will be beheaded. That's all.”
Gobinda Kumar Pilot High School touches 90
As one of the oldest schools in Sherpur, it has some problems that should be addressed immediately. Rainwater leaks through some parts of the old building in the rainy season hampering the classes. Older parts need to be repaired.

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