Volume 2 Issue 36 | June 21 , 2008 |


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Farming with Rahima Begum

At first, some people envied me. But even before six months had passed, their attitudes changed. To me, my work was like my religion. Slowly, money began rolling in. I began to feel more independent. One day, these very people started to come to me for advice and guidance.
How Long is Human History
However, one of the scholars went near the king and whispered in his ears, "Your Majesty we have brought the human history, condensed in three big volumes as per your wishes”
The Zorbangla Temple from the 17th Century
The beautiful structure is losing its value as the engravings from five centuries ago on the outer part of the sculpture, are slowly decaying. During the survey of the temple recently I found that the engravings and statues of the goddesses were in bad need of preservation.
Nagendra Narayan Pilot Girls’ High School: 101
The activities of the school started on January 17, 1907. An abandoned house owned by Nagendra Narayan was used to house the school. Now the old building is being used as the quarters for the schoolteachers. As the number of students increased, more classrooms were needed.

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