Volume 2 Issue 38 | July 19 , 2008 |


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Weaving a Story of Success
At first glance, Kashmira Khatun seems to be an ordinary woman. She is a wife and mother devoted to her family and household. However, the story of her life is far from ordinary. Her story is one of struggle, hope, betrayal and success.
Truth Related to Reality
This story reveals the innate inter-link among the three schools of thought in Indian Tradition, “Advaitha” non-duality, “Dwaitha” duality and “Vishisthadwaitha” duality reflecting non-duality.
Tarash Bhaban: Falling Apart
Locals say that three caretakers were employed here to maintain this archeological site but they have usually been reluctant to do their jobs. Authorities at the Department of Archaeology said that the caretakers often just slacked off as there is not adequate supervising.
Hashi Khatun’s Centre for Disadvantaged and Disabled Women
This is when a struggle started between them. The train headed for Bogra showed up at 2:00 pm. She tried to get on the moving train with her child. That's when the horrific incident happened.

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