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Celebrating Life 2009


Mohammed Golam Sarower

This photograph was taken on a misty morning on the bank of river Summeshori in Birshiri, Netrokona. The photographer and his friend found themselves standing on the bank of the river, trying to figure out the best way of crossing it: wade through knee-high water like most, or paya boatman to ferry them across. It was there that they saw the lady doing her laundry on the grounded boat.

Mohammed Golam Sarower has been involved with photography foreight to nine years. He has completed a basic course in photography from Pathshala and diploma in photography from Prism. Awards include first place at "Jibikaay Krishi", a competition arranged by SAIC (SAARC Agricultural Infomation Centre) on the occasion of SAARC Charter Day 2006, first place at a competition arranged by “Photographic Forum: Prism” in 2008, and third place at Friends of the Earth International photo competition "Biodiversity Lost, Biodiversity Preserved" in 2009.

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