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Guru Griho

From Khagrachhari

The School of Sports

Jasim Majumder

The Khagrachhari Government Girl's High School Volleyball Team, 2010 National Champion

Khagrachhari Government Girl's High School has been making quite a name for itself in the national sports arena. Since 1992, the trophy cabinets of the schools have been gradually filling up with trophies of all shapes and sizes, and many of its alumni are current and ex-members of the national sport teams.

The student, many of whom also play for Khagrachhari District Mohila Crira Sangstha, has enjoyed considerable success in regional and national handball, volleyball, athletics and badminton competitions. According to the school authorities, Raihan Haidar Samrat and Amal Kumar Mutsuddi, the two physical education teachers, have been the key driving force behind this success.

Amal Kumar Mutsuddi has been teaching at Khagrachhari Government High School as since early 1992. He joined the school after completing his B.P.Ed from Rajshahi Government Physical Education College.

Raihan Haidar Samrat also joined the school in 1992. His contribution has been especially invaluable in making the school's volleyball team three-times district champions, and in molding national volleyball stars, such as Trisna Chakma.

Handball and Volleyball competitions
Since 1992, the volleyball team has becomes two times national champions and six times national runners up. The school handball team became the district champion in 1993, and since then has not relinquished the position.

The team first participated in a national level handball tournament in 1996, winning it in 2003 and 2010, became joint champions in 2004 and became runners up in 2000, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2009

Achievements in Athletics
Many of the school's athletes have secured honours on the national level since 1993. The school has produced a steady stream of professional athletes who are currently plying their trade with Ansar, BJMC and the national women's football team.

Achievements in Badminton
Sujata Parvin, Apaishy Marma, Razia Sultana and Nazia Raihan Eva have become champions in national level badminton competitions. Nazia Raihan Eva is currently serving as a commissioned officer of Bangladesh Army.

Headmaster Sushanto Chakma said the school has been has been promoting sport and providing support to all of its students, and it will continue to do so.