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Guru Griho
From Pabna

Dhobakhola Korneshan
High School turns 100

Thousands of former students working across the country in different sectors came to attend the 100-year anniversary celebration of 'Dhobakhola Korneshan High School'. The school is situated beside the Jamuna river of Natibari village in Bera upazila under Pabna district. The two-day grand program was held on December 24 and 25, which turned the village festive.

Ahmed Humayun Kabir Topu

Thousands of former students who have now made places for themselves in their own professions came to Natibari to celebrate their high school turning 100. 'Dhobakhola Korneshan High School' is one of the oldest educational institutions in Pabna, which was established in 1906 at Dhobakhola village beside the river Jamuna. Due to the erosion of the river the school was later shifted to Natiabari village of the upazila.

Dr. Mahini Mohon, local elite of the village, established a school in Dhobakhola village because there were no other educational institutions in this region at the time. Dr. Mohon took the initiative to establish the school for spreading the light of education among children of the region. The school was initially named Dhobakhola School. Dr. Mohon collected crops and money from the villagers to maintain the school in its initial stage. In 1911, the then Divisional Education Officer visited the school and ran the school through the government's approval process. In 1912, the reception of the then British Emperor Judge the 5th was held in Delhi. Many Indian schools got government's approval on the occasion of emperor's convocation in India. 'Dhobakhola Korneshan High School' was one of them, and this is when it was renamed.

Dr. Mohon left the country to India in 1947 after the partition. Before leaving, Dr. Mohon donated his wife's golden ornaments to the school for its maintenance. In 1950, the school was shifted to Gonopotodia village of Bera upazila and then shifted to Natibari village in 1960 due to the onslaught of erosion. The government had sanctioned Tk. 20 thousand for the school's development.

After the relocation, the school recommenced operations with a new spirit from 1 July 1961. It re-launched with 320 students, 288 of whom were new. Most of the girls in the area got admitted to Dhobakhola Korneshan High School in the 60s as there were no other educational institutions for the them in the locality.

L-R: Planning Minister AK Khandaker speaking at the event. A solo dance performance by a student of Dhobakhola Korneshan High School

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman visited the school in 1969 and the students and teachers of the school participated in the liberation war in 1971. Unfortunately, the Pakistani army destroyed the infrastructure of the school during the liberation war. After liberation, the school was reconstructed and resumed admitting students in 1972. Now there are 1,532 students studying at the high school. The school has a faculty of 28 teachers and although the number of students has increased, the facility has not improved significantly in the last few decades.

Among the school's alumni are Dr. Mujibar Rahman, Former Secretary, Babul Kumar Shaha, Director of Primary Education Department, Abdullah Al Mohon, Lecturer of Political Science, Azizul Haque Arze, Bera Upazila Parishad Chairman and many others who have contributed to the community in mentionable ways.

The planning minister Air Vice Marshal AK Khandaker inaugurated the two days anniversary celebration program of the school. The state minister for Home Advocate Samsul Haque Tuku spoke as the chief guest in the concluding program. Bera Upazila Parishad Chairman, also the convener of the celebration committee, chaired the event. The speakers on the occasion focused on the early days of the school, saying that the school nurtured many brilliant students and the people of the area are fortunate that it has continued for a centenary. Many of the former students spoke about their sweet memories of being a student at the school. Discussions, cultural programs and the get together were held at the school premises.


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