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Celebrating Life in Jahangirnagar : Remembering Selim Al Din

L-R: Fahmida Nabi performing. Begumzadi Meherunnessa receiving a bouquet from the organizers

On 4 April 2011, yet another Celebrating Life Cultural Festival was organized at Jahangirnagar University. With teeming attendance of students and members of the faculty, the programme proved very successful. But the odds seemed to be against the organizers. Half an hour before the programme was supposed to start, nature decided to play topsy-turvy with the winds and brew up a storm! And just before the programme was about take off, the lights went out! The audience waited more than an hour in the dark; they were considerate and patient. Hats off to them! The festivals usually feature Winning Songs from the Lyrics Competitions of Celebrating Life festival, but this time around, the main focus was of songs written by Selim Al Din's, song that had remained unreleased.

The Daily Star and Standard Chartered Bank decided to use the Celebrating Life platform to pay homage to Selim Al Din. Although Selim Al Din is mostly known as a playwright and dramatist, his talent in song writing was extraordinary as well. In addition to being a cultural personality, he was a professor at the Department of Drama and Dramatics of Jahangirnagar University. He passed away in January 2008. In his lifetime, his songs were not professionally produced. Fahmida Nabi, as a tribute to Selim Al Din, took up that task and performed his songs, mesmerizing the audience at JU. Selim Al Din's wife, Begumzadi Meherunnessa, was also present at the event.

Fahmida Nabi and musicians on stage at the event

Professor Dr Shariff Enamul Kabir, the VC of Jahangirnagar University spoke at the event and expressed his thanks to the organizers. He stressed on the importance of cultural programmes involving the youth of Bangladesh and added that JU would be happy to provide venue and administrative support to future events. The organizers are thankful to the audience at JU for their support and for making this yet another successful Celebrating Life Festival!

Clockwise: Dr. Shariff Enamul Kabir, VC of JU. Begumzadi Meherunnessa. Nasreen Sultana.
Prof. Afsar Ahmed. Not a single chair left unoccupied!

Photos by Nripo Anup

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