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The end of the year issue has always been a special one. The one that is close to our heart. It is the one where each page contains top 12 photographs of the last Celebrating Life photography contest. The photographs in the following pages are a tribute to the timeless nature of the Youth of Bangladesh. We hope that these photographs remind our readers just how vibrant and lively our youths are.

How quickly the last five years have gone by. Celebrating Life contest is on its 6th year. The contest is vibrant than ever. Although organized by an English Daily, we are honored and proud to receive many submissions from beyond Dhaka. As organizers, we feel encouraged to find photographers from all over Bangladesh love to participate in the contest.

Each year, we celebrate life by providing themes related to interesting aspects of Bangladesh. We celebrated the Youth of Bangladesh this year. And it was no surprise that thousands of submissions poured in by our young creative minds. They expressed their views on the theme through their creative skills. Like every year, there were confusions regarding theme among the willing participants. No matter the theme, Bangladesh is always on the focus. Notice the themes of previous years;

2008 – Bangladesh My Love
2009 – Celebrating Womanhood
2010 – Indomitable Bangladesh
2011 – Gifts of Nature and the Rivers of Bangladesh

The themes reflect our deepest love towards Bangladesh. There is no confusion that we all love Bangladesh. Only the strong feeling of love can bring change and lead us to a better future. All winning photographs are just reflections of that love. Therefore, there is no confusion what we expect, no matter what theme is. The theme for 2013 contests will be announced and we will be asking for entries according to it very soon.

To promote talented young creative minds and to create a platform for them is our goal. The spirited and enthusiastic desire and support from Standard Chartered towards the goal is the ingredient that keeps us going. We find it a privilege to have such like-minded partner.

Those who are already gearing up for next year's contest, please visit www.Celebratinglifebd.com or search for 'Celebrating Life Contest' at Facebook.

Star Insight Magazine wishes a Happy New Year to all its readers!

- Rafi Hossain


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