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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 11 | October 15, 2006 |


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A photo from South India


Photography Exhibition at NSU

International Photography Field Trip(IPFT) has been one of NSUPC's regular annual activities for 6 years. Each IPFT takes NSUPC to a new place outside of our country giving them a chance to fuel their common passion. This year 27 members of the club went to South India for a 15 days tour. The main focus of their trip was Kerala, otherwise known as God's own country, famous for coconut trees, the scenic backwaters, Chinese fishing nets and beaches so beautiful that it will be a wasted effort to try to describe them.

This year's destination was Trivandrum, Kerala's Capital city. They visited local architectural sites, the picturesque beaches and also a small fishing village which brought them close to the local culture of Kerala. The beautiful beaches and ancient temples at Trivandrum were soon replaced by the peaceful backwaters in Kollam, where the team enjoyed a cruise in a Kettuvellam(a large luxurious wooden boat). Enthusiastic photographers clamored at all sides of the boat to get a good shot of the golden horizon fringed with palm trees. Next stop was the port city Cochin, famous for the city's Dutch and Portuguese architecture, where they were lucky enough to capture the colours of the Onam festivities and the traditional Kathakali dance. The group then headed for Ooty in Tamil Nadu, where the green mountains soothed their eyes and senses. The last city they visited was the historically rich Mysore, where they captured history trapped within the walls of the magnificent Mysore Palace and Tipu Sultan's tomb and palace.

This exhibition displayed 52 photographs that brought out the essence of the southern part of India. NSUPC is proud to present “A Portrait of South India”


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