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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 13 | November 5, 2006 |


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A seminar on “Our technology, our freedom” at Khulna University

Md. Abdullah Al Sazzad

October 08, 2006 was a memorable day for the students of Khulna University. All the students of the University were excited on the arrival of the world renowned gene scientist Dr. Abed Chowdhury. He was accompanied by Mr. Munir Hasan, the General Secretary of Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad. Mr. Chowdhury was the key speaker in the seminar entitled “Our Technology Our Freedom” . The seminar was organized by “BIOTECH” and Biotechnology & Genetic Eng neerin Discipline. “BIOTECH” is a quarterly science magazine published by the students of BGE Discipline . Dr. Abed Chowdhury presented his keynote speech on “Genome & Our Future” and Mr. Munir Hasan presented his speech on “Our Software- Our Freedom.” Students of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering (BGE) Discipline and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Discipline of Khulna University along with other students participated in the seminar. The honorable Dean, Life Science School, attended the seminar as special guest and it was presided over by Prof. Md. Raihan Ali, Head, BGE Discipline. Dr. Mahbubur Rahman, Head, Computer Science and engineering Discipline along with the honorable faculty members of BGE Discipline Prof. Dr. Moazzem Hossain, Mr. Mahbub-E- Sobhani, Mr. Emdadul Haq, Mr. Asif Ahmed and Mr. Abdul Awal enriched the program with their valuable presence.

Dr. Abed Chowdhury, on his keynote speech, delivered such an abstruse scientific issue like Genome in such a lucid way that it was easily comprehended by all the participants. He said, “We should understand science in our own way. We should spread out the difficult issues of science among the general people of the country. The people from all the strata like our farmers, boatmen, should be informed properly. We should not forget that science is present in all the sectors of our life and society. So on the basis of modernity of science, we should spread out a science oriented movement among the people of our country.” Alongside, his speech brought out a new dimension in thinking about biotechnology among the students. Accordingly, Mr. Munir Hasan in his speech, attempted to clarify the present IT environment of Bangladesh. He stressed on using open source code based applications. Moreover, he also urged to augment the use of Bengali in almost every area of application, which will help our people in taking advantage of IT. Before the business session, students of BGE Discipline exhibited DNA separation and a documentary on Biotechnology whereas the students of CSE Discipline presented a paper on IT.

Above all, the whole day was very enjoyable and invigorating to all the attendants. According to the students, it was one of the most successful seminars in Khulna University campus in the recent years and they hoped that such programs should be arranged in the campus on a regular basis to make an effective combination of theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the current world.

In the end, the students of Khulna University conveyed their deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Abed Chowdhury and Mr. Munir Hasan for their valuable contribution in making the program a success.

(Writer is Editor, BIOTEH BGE Discipline Khulna University)

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