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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 13 | November 5, 2006 |


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Cover Photo By Ishtiaque Bin Quashem

In this issue

Library: Sea of resource
Dhaka University Library was incorporated with Dhaka University on the 1st of July 1921.
It began with 18,000 books inherited from the libraries of former Dhaka College and Dhaka Law College.
Eid at a different level
How do people right below the poverty line celebrate Eid? How is it spent for a family living on the streets? Or a person who is disabled either physically or mentally? That's what I kept thinking all day till I finally went and spoke to them.
My experience in a Chinese university
Some scholars argue that, regardless of whether one system is considered better or worse than another, experiencing a different way of education can often be considered to be the most important and enriching element of an international learning experience.

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