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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 16 | November 26, 2006 |


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Reaching the height of the GREAT WALL

Shams Arefeen

Yet another wonder of the world about to be revealed in front of my eyes. I anticipated, sitting inside the aircraft, steady and firm, as it landed at Beijing International Airport, being so fortunate on having the opportunity to spend another vacation, with my beloved parents, I couldn't ask for a better place other than Beijing, China.

A chill ran down my spinal chord when I first stepped out of the airport. It was only 30 Celsius. The weather was sunny, nevertheless the wind was blowing violently. I never experienced such a cool weather in my entire life. We took a taxi to reach our hotel located in Beijing city centre.

It was not long when we were all set to visit the unbelievable man-made beauty in the world. We took a guided tour which included some tourists from the United states, Canada and European countries and from China .

The great wall is at the outskirts of Beijing, which took about an hour and a half from our Hotel. It was a dream journey once again for me because I dreamt to see the GREAT WALL someday as I saw it on T.V or in our primary history books.

Finally we arrived at the Badaling section of the GREAT WALL. This is the only tourist location open and this place is said to be the must important part of the splendid GREAT WALL. We had to walk up for about half km and reached the coaster car to go up as climbing from the lower beds and said to be tough for the tourists and this has caused some accidents in the past.

We took the coaster car on its tracks and climbed up to a fair distance of steep path and after a while we were about 880 meters above the sea level.

We just looked around to experience the indomitable beauty. We were at the top of the Great wall's Badaling section up which provided a scintillating view of the surrounding. The great wall threads its way through a jumble of mountains like a giant dragon.

We climbed a little higher and goodness gracious, it was so cold out there that we almost could not speak. We took some magnificent photographs, sitting on the edge and stairs of the great wall .

The wall hugs the contours of the terrain and as it climbs up and down the mountains it keeps clanging in height and width.

The great wall, a monumental landmark built by the Chinese of different ethnic backgrounds, has long fulfilled its historical mission. Today , it stands as a precious witness to world history and maximizing its value in culture, art, architecture and tourism

Spring comes and goes constantly and several centuries seem to have passed in the twinkling of an eye. Those who have been to the great wall luckily have never failed to be captivated , encouraged and inspired by its splendour and thrilling charms as a masterpiece of man's great creativity .This world heritage THE GREAT WALL belongs to all those in this world who love it.

There is a famous Chinese saying….“One who fails to reach the great wall would not be regarded as hero “. So I consider myself fortunate enough to become one of the Heroes .

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