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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 1 Issue 16 | November 26, 2006 |


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Random Rambling

Dazed and Confused

Once upon a time, in a domain not so far away, there was a King. A spineless, pushover of a monarch torn between two feuding queens.

Online Education: A new avenue of learning

Edward Apurba Singha

Nowadays academic Institutions with help of modern telecommunication facilities unveil a new avenue of learning, formally known to us as online education.

Community Radio: Our Next
Open University

Mohammad Golam Nabih

Community Radio is a radio that is absolutely run by the people and for the people. It always encourages participation, sharing information and innovation.

Be a KUETi@n..........

Mostafezur Rahman

Hello friends, guess all of you had a nice time during Eid, isn't it? But what about our young friends who have just passed the HSC hurdle!!

In search of New Seven Wonders of the World
Take part in the making of history

Taslima Rawshan Tinni

Dear Star Campus readers, I am joining you for the first time with a very interesting item. It's all about The Seven Wonders of the World.

'They mean a lot to us now'
A memorable trip to Modhupur

Emran Hossain

We set out on the highway at Mirzapur for Modhupur in the morning of October 28. It was the first day of the blockade program enforced by AL-led 14-party alliance.

Dhaka University Central Library
the ocean of knowledge

Kazi Ahmed Farhan & Amanat Ahmed

More than 30 thousand students and teachers of Dhaka University are members and Dhaka University Central Library is the service provider.

Looking through the Campuses

Md. Lutful Hoque Khan

In my school life, I had read in my English composition book, “The world is like a looking glass. When you look at the world through red glasses, it is red; when you look through yellow glasses, it's yellow..."

Mawallis of the Sunderbans

Md.Shazzad Hossen Milton

The Sundarbans of Bangladesh is a maze of rivers, creeks and islands at the mouth of the Ganges Delta. Honey and wax production is a major seasonal activity of bees in the Sundarbans forest areas.

For a very special friend

Shahreen Raihana

I remember that eventful moment even today, when I first laid my eyes on this truly extraordinary girl whose name was Alina Amatullah.

Presentation- some basic tips

By Shantonu Bhadra

Today, the business executives as well as the marketing related people engaged in business often have to present different topics, ideas and tactics.

"OOH …What does this button do?"

Shayera Moula

Remember that very first episode of Dexter's Laboratory when Dee Dee and Dexter transformed each other into all kinds of animals using a remote control like device created by Dexter?

Grand IBA Graduation Festival 2006

Samira Munir

Let it be creativity, excellence, emotions, endeavor, feat, excitement or madness; wrap them up; all in one box; you get a slight glimpse into the IBA graduation ceremony 2006 that was held from 17 th of this month.

I want it! I want it! I want it!

Nazia Ahmed

The other day a little kid I know tried to pursue his dad to buy him this really expensive toy car. But unfortunately his dad wasn't in a state to afford it.

HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards
“Bangladesh has all the ingredients to become a global player”

Mustafizur R.Khan

With a view to encouraging undergraduate students develop their creative business ideas the HSBC Bank is organizing a regional business plan competition named The HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards.


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