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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 2 | January 21, 2007|


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Life returns to Dhaka University

Hammad Ali

After almost three months, students of Dhaka University finally received the news they have been waiting for so eagerly. Dhaka University, the most prominent university in the country, has finally re-opened. Classes and exams are going to be held par new schedule. There can be no doubt that this is a great piece of news for everyone, students, parents and all those who care for the country.

However, we cannot fail but worry about the damage that has already been done. The students have lost considerably more than three months worth of classes. For some, it has meant additional financial burden. For others, it has meant an inevitable delay in the expected date of graduation. Education these days is no longer a local affair, but a global one. A three-month delay here can well trigger the loss of one full year for those who plan on applying abroad. For students and faculty members involved in research, this extended closure may have meant having to forego opportunities to collaborate with people from other universities at home and abroad. For those preparing to enter the job market as soon as possible, this posed a delay that may have done irreparable damage to their plans. While teachers and students can come together and make an effort towards making up for the lost time, we apprehend that there doesn't seem to be a way to make up for the loss in terms of financial and career-oriented aspects.

Nevertheless, we sincerely hope all of that will be a thing of the past. Now that university has been opened, classes and exams will go on strictly according to the schedule and students will be able to finish their education in time. Our best wishes are with all those who are already trying to compensate for the losses and do the best they can for the students and the university.



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