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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 2 | January 21, 2007|


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Nazia Ahmed

And then there were 6! The project D-Youth teams are now that much closer to the ultimate goal. Last week was the challenge of Mohammadi group garments in Nikunujo.

Twenty-something: The itch

Mahreen Ferdous

Starting work is possibly one of the biggest life changing experiences one has. So much so, that I have not really managed to write a piece for Campus.

Quantum Universe : A Little History

Mushtari Afroz

Students and academics, who are familiar with quantum physics, are surely aware of one of the prolonged and sparkling scientific debates that took place between Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein in the 20s and 30s.

Shadows In The Rain

D J Ahmed

It was very late, shadow cast and misty as the rain was pouring in a light steady drizzle.

Edexcel's expedition to better the English Medium schools

Shayera Moula

Most English Medium schools around Bangladesh need some kind of sector development.

Fulbright Scholarship

Edward Apurba Singha

In academic life scholarship is a precious achievement, which revives your spirit and enables you to reach the ultimate destination.

Celebrating Victory- the saga of Stamford National Debate Championship

Tanvir Hafiz

And the winner is…
It was the precise moment to look back at the weeks of hard work and enthusiasm that had culminated to this moment.

English Society of Manarat International University

Hafsa Bintey Faruq

English Society of Manarat International University or ESMIU started its journey back in October 24, 2005.

" The Devil's Triangle"

Shams Arefeen

There are a few things in the world that have no explanations. Perhaps the Devil's Triangle is one of them. Yes, I'm talking about the unexplainable Bermuda Triangle.

Wellesley College

Mahdin Mahboob

Wellesley College, Massachusetts has one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States complete with a large lake, ponds, woodlands, an arboretum, and miles of foot paths with picturesque surroundings.

History of the moot court

Rezaur Rahman

A Moot court is a competitive extracurricular activity in many law schools where participants take part in simulated court proceedings.

First Stamps of Bangladesh


The Emergence of postage stamps in Great Britain in 1840 as a prepaid postage system is an important landmark in the history of Postal Services.

An incident in the east end of London

KMR Hoque

It has been a long tiring day. Snippets of lectures floating through his mind, Riad stood at the bus stop opposite the Whitechapel Underground Station.

Interesting Language Facts

Amanat Ahmed

The exact number of languages prevailing in this planet can never be determined.


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