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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 2 | January 21, 2007|


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Life returns to Dhaka University
Hammad Ali

After almost three months, students of Dhaka University finally received the news they have been waiting for so eagerly.

Classes begin at Dhaka University

Tazmia Islam Nion

After 55 days of deadlock, Dhaka University has finally been reopened on 13th January.

Gates open at Dhaka University

Amanat Ahmed

After a 55-day-long conspicuous emptiness, Dhaka University (finally!!!) recommenced flourishing with youthful enthusiasm and excitement.

Some reactions from DU students

Mainul Hassan & Rezaur Rahman

(1) The University of Dhaka, the Oxford of the East, has started after the closure of long 55 days.


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