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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 45 | November 25 , 2007|


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Tech Wise

16GB Mini-Drive Is Waterproof,Has Rubber, Fits Anywhere

Eye-O Data (Japan) calls their 16GB HDMC UZ16ZM a "Pocketable HDD," and its 2 x 2.3 x 0.7-inch body is waterproof and can survive under a meter of water. This portable high capacity HDD is available for $241 (BDT 16,870) in Japan only as of now. It also includes a rubber USB cable with it.

Tiny Golf on the Desktop!!!

Just when you thought every USB gadget that could be invented has been taken care off, along comes the USB Putt (a light, golf stroke) Returner. This is not going to help you win matches in real life, but just like a full-size putt returner, this one pops your ball right back to you if you nail one. And of course, it's powered by any USB port. It's available now for $20(BDT 1400 )

Oculon Hikari's Super Small Pocket Projector

You never know when you might need to whip out a projector, and here's the smallest one you can buy so far, made by the Chinese company that calls itself Oculon. The 640x480 Hikari Pro920 is $299(BDT 20,930), giving you a 24-inch image from about a yard away, or a 12-inch picture from a foot away. If you're looking for a bit more resolution, you can get an 800x600 model for $399(BDT 27,930).

Software Radios Boost Cellphone
Reception Cheap and Easy

Mid-Tex Cellular systems out of De Leon, Texas (USA) is currently running both GSM and CDMA network using a software-based radio system on nine of their cellular towers. Because the Vanu, Inc. designed software can be upgraded easily, there is no need for costly new hardware when supporting new or incompatible networks. If this technology is widely adopted, cellphone carriers will be able to upgrade and adjust to new standards more cheaply and users will see bigger, better, and possibly cheaper coverage.

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