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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 51 | January 13 , 2008 |


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In this issue

Historic Rangpur Zila School - 175 years

The school was established in 1832 as Rangpur Zamindar School by the local zamindars or landlords. Nathial Smith, the district collector working for the British East India Company led government also had a central role in establishing the school.

IBA Graduation Ceremony 2007

Professor Dr. S. M. A. Faiz, Vice Chancellor, University of Dhaka inaugurated this program. This was followed by the encouraging speech of M. Zulfiquar Hussain, Human Resources Director of Citycell for the fresh graduates. Professor Dr. A.F.M. Yusuf Haider, Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Dhaka joined this program as Special Guest.

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