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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 52 | January 20 , 2008|


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Amader Gaan & ADTL Unplugged Concert 08'
United to help the victims
for a better tomorrow

Zannatul Lamea

The word “Concert” itself elucidates a picture of groovy music, solid head banging, colorful flashlights & throbbing music sensation. How would the combo be, if a concert is arranged just not for fun but for a nobler cause? And that's exactly what amadergaan.com did, hats off to their endless effort for arranging an unplugged concert for the victims affected by hurricane SIDR. The concert was successfully arranged on January 3,2008 at Winter Garden of Dhaka Sheraton Hotel. Amadergaan.com along with Advanced Development Technologies Ltd. & various other partners, prominent musicians -all united to help the victims for a better tomorrow. The line-up consisted of :

* Artcell
* Aurthohin
* Black
* Dolchut
* Lalon
* L.R.B
* Maqsood O'Dhaka
* Metal Maze
* Ornob
* Shironamhin
* Souls
* Yaatri

Amadergaan.com is a popular website dedicated to the music of Bangladesh, with a goal to make the music culture better and present it to the whole world. The organizing committee of amadergaan.com is comprised of students, who really worked hard in a professional manner to make this concert a huge success. Faysal Islam, the admin owner of amadergaan.com says in this regard , “The magnitude of the concert was pretty big. From the administration part, I ran day to day activities with my partner Safwan Khan. But we have a small dedicated team comprised of students who all worked tirelessly for the cause, they volunteered their time for free and pulled off this event in most efficient manner; Frankly speaking, I am proud of each and everyone of them, they showed that if you are committed to something, it can be achieved with success-no matter what comes.” The organizing committee consisted of: Rajiv Ashraf Ziko, Naimul Khan, Tanvir Tahlil, Adnan Ahmed Saleh, Pavel Islam, Ahmed Niaz Morshed, Saquie Ahmed, Afif ,Pial and Nafiz Tahsin Ahmed Shuvo.

Director Naimul Khan assistant director of amadergaan.com, Rajiv Ashraf Ziko mentioned, “ We would like to thank Mr. Arif Reza Hossain (Operations Director - Advanced Development Technologies Ltd) without whom this concert would not be possible, Farhan Sazzad who designed the web-site for the concert with tireless efforts, all our event partners- Thein Man Haung (Titi bhai) of Sound Machine, Lavlu Bhai, Arefin Sadi (Jogi-Motion), Event management team- Live square, our host Indrila and our media partners Radio Today, Channel i Prothom Alo. Most spectacularly we cordially thank all the artistes who supported us donating their valuable time, giving an astounding performance at the concert and the huge crowd of fans who filled the venue.”

The concert raised a total amount of 4 lakh 30 thousand taka and it was donated for the SIDR victims at Prothom Alo Relief Fund, with an intention to make a positive difference in the lives of the SIDR affected.

(Student of NSU)

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