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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 52 | January 20 , 2008 |


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Photo: NSUDC

In this issue

Tannery wastes, enormous hazard for Environment

Leather processing and leather goods production is a lucrative business in Bangladesh. This sector has flourished because of the availability of foreign buyers and cheap source of raw materials. There are about 200 Tanneries (Leather Processing Industries) in the Hazaribagh leather-processing zone, Dhaka.

United to help the victims for a better tomorrow

The word “Concert” itself elucidates a picture of groovy music, solid head banging, colorful flashlights & throbbing music sensation. How would the combo be, if a concert is arranged just not for fun but for a nobler cause ? And that's exactly what amadergaan.com did.

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