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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 58 | March 2, 2008|


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Photo Feature

Photography Exhibition at EWU

Adina Ayesha Khan

As I got out of my class after the last lecture of the day my cell-phone rang. All I could hear was a crackled voice of my friend, “Come to the auditorium!” Before I could react the line went dead. Being of the curious nature I couldn't stand straight for a single moment and dashed towards the lift for the 10th floor of our Administration building. Also being the hyper-imaginative drama queen I was evaluating all sorts of possibilities of likely disasters that my friend might have got into!

I was at the Photography Exhibition organized by the East West Cine & Photography Club (EWUCPC) and was sponsored by Nokia Nseries. The exhibition was from the 10th to the 12th of February. It was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor of the East West University, Mohammad Sharif. There were 12 finest photographers who submitted their work of 24 photographs that were on display along with an uncountable number of some previous photographs on multimedia slides. The theme of the exhibition was “Bangladesh” and all the photographers showed us their unique viewpoint.

From the jhalmuriwala to the dancing divas…from the foggy morning to the tantrik fakir, from the dewdrops to the blue horizon the members of EWUCPC gave the ordinary an opportunity to be the extraordinary. They gave life to every subject they chose. Their effort and their success to reach the viewer were great. I just hope that they conduct more such exhibitions so that we can lose ourselves in the beautiful world that exists around us but which we are too blind to see!

N.B. The writer is a student of EWU, Dept. of Business

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