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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 59 | March 9 , 2008|


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'Dost, all of us are meeting up at XFC, 4pm sharp! Be there! Shobaiii ashbey don't miss it', the SMS read.

Farah replied back instantly, in spite of the fact that she was in the middle of a long and seemingly interminable lecture, 'Sure thing dude! XFCta jeno kothay?'

The reply came in almost immediately, 'Random Plaza, 4th floor, right beside the Ishtyle Shop'.

The first one to reach the place on time was none other than Asif, and as usual, he had to suffer a long and grueling one hour wait, till the others started to pour in! In the meanwhile, he had prepared a lengthy speech about how he was the only punctual guy in the gang and that how the others should learn from him! Too bad the others weren't too interested to listen to his broken records.

After a long day of classes, projects, quizzes, presentations and assignments, almost all of us tend to head to our favourite hangouts. Be it our university cafeteria, the mama'r cha-er dokaan close to the campus or some new expensive (and sometimes not quite so expensive) food joint nearby, we tend to chill with our friends for a while, over a cup of coffee or any other khawadawa for that matter! This gives us a well-deserved break after a hectic day, before going back home and dive once again into the never-ending world of assignments and projects!

Topics of discussion include anything and everything between the latest movies and songs, how tough and 'undoable' the Economics midterm was, or reminiscing some funny incident that happened some time back. Of course, there would be someone in the gang who would eventually steer the discussion to politics and someone who would talk about more possible food joints that he would like to venture.

Here is a list of the people which constitutes a typical gang:
1. The Sportsman This is the footballer or cricketer (or basketball player for that matter), the one who's always busy preparing for his upcoming matches.

2. The Rockstar The singer/drummer/guitarist who keeps talking about his jamming sessions and his upcoming underground concerts.

However, the Rockstar is always a source of entertainment, especially when he is equipped with a guitar in a road-trip or a picnic.

3. The Style Icon / Wannabe Model This is the girl who would try her level best until everyone notices her all new hairdo! Like it or not, you have to appreciate her new 'in' looks or face the dire consequences otherwise! She's always immaculately 'dressed up' and 'made up', even during the exam week!

4. The King of Laziness He is the one who calls for all the get-togethers, but ends up arriving last (just as he does in all the morning classes), in spite of the fact that he lives nearby to the Hangout Point.

5. The Intellectual This person is always busy with some sort of research or project which he/she thinks is destined to change the world! He is the one always carrying a novel with him written by some author whose name no one else has ever heard before!

6. The would-be-politician Ambitious, witty and smart, the would-be-politician would always steer the discussion to political issues, and how he would change the country once he gets to become the President! His favourite topics include global issues like the Iraq and Afghanistan War, the Darfur Crisis and nominations for the US Presidential Candidates Obama's charisma, Clinton's experience and McCain's war experience; and things of the sort…

7. The 'Easy-kajey-busy' This is the guy who's a registered member of all the clubs and associations in the university and claims to be an 'active' participant in all of them.

8. The Flirt This is the guy/girl who keeps having new affairs every other month and is on the look for 'the right person'.

9. The Drama Queen Starting from school skits to live performances in public, she is the one striving towards a profession in drama and acting. She's often seen carrying 'The Complete Works of Shakespeare'.

10. The New Cell Phone Owner/SMS Guy This guy always keeps having new cell phone handsets, more often than not. He also happens to carry several SIM cards (GSM connections) in his pocket, each of which, according to him, has its own 'special' use.

He is also sometimes termed as the SMS guy, and is always seen busy sending SMS to different 'important' people even in the middle of the Hangouts!

11. The Comic/King of Corny Jokes We've all heard about the stand-up comedians in the Western World. However, in a typical gang, there is almost always a 'sit-down' comedian whose sole mission is to make everyone laugh. Out of the thousands of jokes he delivers everyday, some are indeed humorous but the vast majority of them turns out to be really corny; hence the name, 'King of Corny Jokes'.

After spending a couple of hours with your beloved friends, who happen to have so much diversity, it is difficult not to get rejuvenated and reenergized once again! Let me know if you think otherwise. Soon enough you'll have to get back home and hit back on the infinite list of pending assignments and projects!

The following is a list of the Top Hangout Hotspots in Dhaka City. If you haven't already been there, it's high time that you do so now!

Top Hangout Hotspots in Dhaka
1. TSC (Teachers-Students Center)
(Dhaka University)
2. Coffee World/Pizza Corner
(Banani, Uttara, Dhanmondi)
3. Nando's
4. Time Out
(Gulshan 1)
5. Kozmo Lounge
6. Dhaba
(Banani, Dhanmondi)
7. Helvetia
8. American Burger
(Banani, Uttara,etc.)
9. Shwarma House
(Banani, Dhanmondi)
10. Boomers
(Dhanmondi, Banani)
10. Shumi's Hot Cake
(Banani, Dhanmondi, etc.)
11. Pizza Hut
(Gulshan, Dhanmondi)
12. KFC
13. Andersen's (Ice cream)
14. Club Gelato (Ice cream)
15. Movenpick (Ice cream)
(Many branches all over Dhaka)
16. Baskin Robbins (Ice cream)
17. Nirob, old Dhaka
18.New Market
19. Arabian Fast Food,Dhanmondi
20. Modhur Canteen
And last but not the least,
20. All the University Cafeterias which happens to be the place which almost everyone would vote to be their most frequented Hangout place.

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