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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 67 | May 04 , 2008 |


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Photo by AIUB

In this issue

Jabbarer Bolikhela- at 99 still going strong

Jabbarer bolikhela was started by Abdul Jabbar Sowdagar of Boxirhat (Badarpatti) and is held on 12th. Boishak every year. Now his grandsons organize it in memory of their grandfather. Abdul Jabbar Sowdagar's purpose of initiating the boilkhela was to organize and inspire the youths for anti-British movement.

The Inter University Drama Festival

Theatre means indulging oneself into the figments of the powers of the mind, both physically and mentally, and one can enjoy the happiness of placing themselves center-stage and wait for the curtains to lift to display to the world the antics of a latent personality that co-exists with the character portrayed.


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