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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 22| May 30, 2010|


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Just a Thought

Conscience, it should speak

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

A bustling city, few frantic motions in commotion, I stood my ground. Every heart beats with a dream, with few memories run as a serum in the vein, few thoughts shape up relations to cherish for, emotions to be unique, love to be devoted. I felt the first splash on my palm, and I knew I would be showered by a divine blessing from nature. The downpour began as I walked on a busy sidewalk, shoving my way ahead, towards an unknown destination. The stagnant water of the ditches rippled when the drops went home and I entirely destroyed the beauty which it might have possessed, in every step. I could not clear the mechanism of the world; I wanted a telekinetic approach, a solitary world, wanted only the faint sound of rubber soles crossing miles. A city of blinding lights was shining in all glittering gold and portraying extravagance. I changed my course, in a boulevard with few sodium lights witnessing my existence. I let my mind to ponder as I scuttled along the path aimlessly.

I know that the city never sleeps. It observes us, the people, who breathe, who struggle and who strive for success. It is this very city that gave you shelter, gave you the opportunities to excel in your grounds and this is the place where you hope to make a difference to your life. But what are your obligations to the city itself? What are you, as an individual, doing for the city? A wise man once said, “man is an extortionist”, and you do prove this statement to be true. Being as selfish as you can be, you blame the government on what not and your criticism never has any ending. All you do is comment on what should be done and why should we do it. You comment on the wrong and you expect someone to take some responsibility. You bring out the very topic of traffic when you are late for work and your frustrations know no bounds. It is you who complain on the price hike, the deforestation, the global warming, the climate change, and the list goes on. Now the question comes, you know what is going on, and also know the solutions to it. But you opt for other brains to work on it and bring the change. If asked why, then you say there is not enough time for you to do it all by yourself. You bring excuses that you are too engrossed in your own world, but your world is also a part of the surrounding where you belong.

No country is perfect. We have got our differences and we know exactly where we are lacking. If we call ourselves to be patriots then it can never be within a box of words, we need to implement them as well. But how many of us are doing it? I tell you how many, not even of any significant number. You, me, we all are a part of the system. We believe that nothing could be done to improve our condition. That is not true. All you need is a conscience that is beyond any corrupt mind to influence in doing the wrong. Our whole generation is vulnerable at this point, where everybody is thinking of a quicker way to earn the Benjamin and a lifestyle where you can have all the lavishness you ever thought of. The city remains, but the people are now changing and the change is not doing any good. The city remains, waiting, for the time when we all will realise our mistakes and how we can amend it. The city remains, believing, that we could be strong and make a difference.

Is it too much to ask from us? Does it take a lot just to contribute a bit more to the society for the betterment of our future? I guess not. All it takes is the rightful attitude and a helping hand to bring prosperity. At times your conscience needs to win over your logic and when it does, then you will have a clear picture of what are your heroic deeds and how much you are at fault. I looked at my surrounding, the aura was sublime, but I remained pensive. It is just the thoughts that come as a flashbulb and the rest fades to grey. The perceptions are only portrayed on the human mind but it never gets ignored.

Photo: Felbert & Eickenberg/gettyimages


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