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Volume 6 | Issue 07 | July 2012 |


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Implementing Budget FY2012-13:
Testing Times Ahead
-- Mustafizur Rahman
Discriminatory Taxation to Boost Finance Capital?
-- Asjadul Kibria
Road Safety in Bangladesh: Key issues and Countermeasures
-- Hasib Mohammed Ahsan

Road safety: Held Hostage by Trade Unions

-- Tawfique Ali
Immersed in Corruption
-- M Abul Kalam Azad

Photo Feature

Pedestrians at Fault

Interview with Sultana Kamal
-- Rifat Munim

The Conundrum of Police Reform

-- M Liton

Police Accountability and the 'Rule of Politics'

-- Zahidul Islam Biswas

The Debate over the Rohingya Issue
-- Dwaipayan Barua
Where is Bangladesh heading for?
-- G M Quader
Population Challenges for Bangladesh
-- A K M Nurun Nabi

Sufia Kamal : Her Journey Towards Freedom
-- Mofidul Hoque

Outspoken Campaigner: A Postscript
-- Shah Husain Imam
Political party finance
-- Muzaffer Ahmad
The climb of their lives
-- Mohammad Isam


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Pedestrians at Fault

A Photo Feature by SK Enamul Haq

Fatalities in road accidents are rising, persistently. Flawed engineering of roads and highways and institutional corruption are often cited as reasons behind most accidents. Even our city streets have become perilous for commuters and pedestrians. However, while institutional negligence is mostly responsible for these fatalities, we often forget the roles we ourselves play in triggering accidents, the negligence we show and the blunders we make as passengers and pedestrians. This photo feature brings out how pedestrians put their lives at risks, violating traffic rules.


SK Enamul Haq is Chief Photographer, The Daily Star.


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