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Volume 7 | Issue 03 | March 2013 |


Original Forum

The Unseen Dissent
--Tawheed Rahim

Dilemma of the Surrealistic Shahbagh Movement
--Syeed Ahamed

History is hard work, but are we willing?
-- Naeem Mohaiemen
Bangladesh 1971: A Forgotten Genocide
-- Mofidul Hoque
Judicial Notice, Shahbaghh Movement
and Criticism: Freshness and positivity
for International Crimes Tribunal
-- Barrister Tapas K. Baul and
Barrister Fatima Jahangir Chowdhury

Photo Feature

A Nation Comes Alive

Women's Empowerment in Bangladesh:
Looking beyond the MDG's

-- Neal Walker

Rage and grief in India: Making violence against women history

-- Naila Kabeer

A Social Rising
-- Trimita Chakma, Tasaffy Hossain and Tahmina Shafique
Violence against Women: About Shifting
the Burden of Proof and Ensuring
Perpetrators' Punishment
-- Sheikh Hafizur Rahman and
Farhana Helal Mehtab
Women's Rights and Equal Opportunities Versus Violence
-- Ziauddin Choudhury

Independence that Comes at a High Price
-- Manosh Chowdhury
Bangabondhu and Tajuddin Ahmed
-- Abdul Matin


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A Nation Comes Alive

A Photo Feature by PRITO REZA

At Shahbagh's projonmo chottor, the nation has come together, irrespective of age, sex, class, religion, ethnicity -- indeed, anything which creates difference -- to stand up for one thing only. Days and nights are spent in chanting fiery slogans, inspirational music and art, battling for a cause using not guns and bombs, but words, rhythm and colour. Above everything flow green and red; in everyone's hearts is simply 'Bangladesh'. Forty-two years into independence, we wage another war -- for justice, which may have been delayed, but will not be denied.

Prito Reza is a freelance photojournalist.


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