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the functional workspace

WHETHER you work at home or just need an well-organized space to file important documents and do household paperwork, you can use the following guidelines to create a functional workspace.

First decide on the activities and tasks will take place in your workspace. This will give you an idea on how much space is required. After you have defined the function of the office, make a list of the equipment you might need to carry out your activities. Take into consideration how much desk space you might need, how many chairs, what kind of equipment (printers, computers, etc.) and lighting.

When choosing a desk look for what is suitable for a computer and its components. There are many options available including adjustable keyboards and mouse trays or a footrest. To reduce the chance of headaches, use anti-reflective lamps and computer screen visors. Nowadays the desk space needs to accommodate the computer monitor, speakers, printer, scanner, cpu and other computer equipment. Sometimes after we have made room for all the computer equipment we do not leave enough space for writing. Therefore make sure you have enough writing space on your desk. To increase efficiency and style you can also add mobile file cabinets to your space.

Secondly no matter how organized you are, you always need more room than you think for paper, pens, research and office materials. Plan for storage and more storage. If you have limited space for your office, use wall cabinets.

Finally the most important part of home offices is a good chair. Look for a comfortable chair with rollers that increases mobility. There are many designs available with a wide variety of arm and back adjustments for more comfortable sitting and to reduce fatigue and physical problems. If possible, choose a style and upholstery that complements the room.

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