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shoe stall in exhibition

“IF you don't wear shoes, you have to cover the whole world to protect your feet." So said the poet, the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, in his poem "Juta Abishkar" (Invention of Shoes). The said conversation between Raja Habuchandra and his minister Gabuchandra is applicable, not only for the present time, but perhaps for all time to come, as the shoe the indispensable item of a person's wardrobe, takes on newer shapes and styles. The quest for glamour is an unending one, after all, with people's tastes changing with every season.

Exhibitions and fairs have been the norm for a long time now, and have manifested themselves as a part of the corporate culture of promotion and product marketing. Presentation, as prepared by interior designers, has come to play a vital role in the success of such exhibitions, and indeed, any commercial event.

Amongst the various 'Expo' fairs and trade fairs organised every year, leather fairs have become a regular phenomenon. This week, we will look at a fair stall that has been designed for Leather & Footwear Ind. (Pvt.) Ltd., a well-known shoe company.

The fair stall was very small, only 9'-0" 7'-0", giving it a total area of only 63 sq. ft. A small space is always a challenge to any designer. Triangular racks of garjon wood and ½" partex board have been placed in steps for shoe display. These display racks are slim, allowing only enough space for the shoes. The 45 degree angle punch of the rack was filled with glass steps, to allow for further shoe display.

All the racks are brilliant white in colour, to create a stark contrast with and to give prominence to the shoes, which are mostly black or brown in colour. To further enhance the display, accent lights have been placed over the racks to illuminate them.

With the acute space constraint in mind, a small white reception table was placed for stall attendance. The unusual shape of the furniture, with its white racks supported by a bright red pipe, provided an eye-catching effect for the benefit of the customers. A bold blue pipe was set into the corner of the stall, serving the dual purpose of supporting the light trust and creating a dramatic visual effect. Green plants were added to give the place a fresh feel.

The white racks, white reception table, the bold blue pipe, green plants and the reddish illumination provided by the spot lights work together to create an effect that is sure to attract a lot of attention, which really helps advertise the stall's products.

When the clients are attracted by the dé
cor of the stall, they are tempted to try the products, and this really boosts sales. Exhibition organisers are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to attract new visitors, and have been quick to recognise the enormous scope for creative presentation techniques. So a good set design should be the focus for any stall-owner in any fair.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
For further details, contact e-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo Credit: Nasirul Haque Khokon













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