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Shop special

Rakhee shoes!

Rakhee Shoes is not a new name amongst the fashion fanatics of the city. It has been there for a long time now, catering to a huge group every single day. The only outlet that they have is in the Elephant Road "juta potti", stuffed with thousands of different designs and styles. They introduce new and outstanding designs every single month. It is really amazing to see the customer loyalty for Rakhee shoes. Their customers always buy shoes only from Rakhee and they wait months for a new design. Because of the quality, design and reasonable price Rakhee Shoes is able to sustain its position in the market even after so many years and with so many competitors around.

Rakhee shoes is very good at pricing. People do haggle in spite of the fixed price label hanging in the store, but Rakhee doesn’t give the consumers much choice, as their products are so good that anyone would gladly snap them up. The price range is pretty vast. They have shoes starting from Tk. 150 to Taka 1000/- in rare cases.

Rakhee is mainly popular for its everyday wears. They have thousands of designs in three to four different colours in each design. The everyday wear and working shoes are very comfortable and durable. There are two-strings, thongs, sandals, sandal-shoes and many more in the range. They have named the shoes after famous deshi and Indian actresses to highlight the fashion style of that particular design. The range for ordinary shoes is Tk. 150 to Tk 400/-

The party shoes are comparable to any foreign item. The designs, colours are very global and modern with a distinctive deshi blend. Sparkles, stones, bows, glitters are an essential part of the Rakhee party wears. Instead of being tacky, however these additional items add a special character to the shoes. They have party shoes in various heel sizes as well. The party shoes will cost from Tk. 450 to Tk 950/-. They also import beautiful Nagras from India. They have Nagras for bridegroom too.

Rakhee has its own crowd but those who never went to Rakhee should visit them at least once as they will not be disheartened for sure. SO be a shopoholic for a change and bring some beautiful shoes home that you can brag about. Happy Shopping.

- Bohemian Soul

Shop talk

Katarivogh Rice
You have probably tried Pakistan's famous Basmati rice, but have you ever tried Bangladesh's very own Katrivogh rice? If not, then you have missed out on a true delicacy. Katrivogh rice is so good that it is now being exported. The next time you visit your nearest supermarket, purchase a bag of this variety of rice. We assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised. At Shop N Save (Uttara) a 5KG bag of katrivogh rice is sold for TK 175.

Toilet Cleaner
If toilets are not cleaned on a regular basis then they both look and smell awful. A visit to any of Dhaka City Corporations public toilets will surely prove this point. In order to ensure that your toilet does not give you an unpleasant feeling, clean it regularly with a good toilet cleaner. Harpic is a decent brand that is widely sold at department stores across the country, and it costs TK 44.

Baby cot
Are you expecting a baby any time soon? If so, then you should think about purchasing a baby cot. There are many kinds of cots available in the market, but cots made out of cane seem to be more appealing. At cane shops in Dhaka City a cot is sold for about TK 900.

Rocking Chair
It is widely believed that many Romeo's wrote poems to their Juliet's, while sitting in a rocking chair. Apparently, the to and fro movement that can be enjoyed in a rocking chair boosts creativity. So, if you are a Romeo or Juliet, get hold of a rocking chair and begin to write your poems. Rocking chairs are widely available at cane shops in Dhaka City, and they cost about TK 1400.

Children love playing outdoor games, and with outdoor games there is always the risk of getting cuts or bruises. For this reason it is absolutely imperative to keep an antiseptic at home. Besides helping to deal with cuts and bruises, an antiseptic can be used to wipe floors in order to maintain a decent hygiene standard. Savlon is a trusted antiseptic, and it is sold at pharmacies all over the country. A 1000ml bottle costs TK 115.

Apparently women like it when a man occasionally wears a panjabi instead of a shirt. The reason for this is difficult to explain, but who cares? If women want to see you occasionally dressed in a panjabi, then that is exactly what you should do. At Aarong you will find some splendid panjabis, and they are sold from TK 600 onwards.

While women like to see men dressed in a panjabi, they hate to see them wearing a lungi. That is because they feel that a lungi is a sub-standard item of clothing. But even then, men continue to wear lungis as the comfort that they provide cannot be matched by anything else. If you are an ardent lungi fan, then you will find some quality lungis at Aarong. They are sold for TK 220. However for the women folks lungis can be turned into a dress materiel. For example batik lungis in Grammen Udgoj can be made into kameezs or fotuas and the bright colours make one look quite trendy.

Does the inside of your house look old and worn out? If so, just paint the interior and it will look as good as new. Berger is a renowned brand name for paints, and it is widely available at hardware stores across the country. Berger's plastic emulsion is used for interior purposes, and a can of it costs about TK 585. In case you are on a tight budget, you can use distemper instead of plastic paint. A can of Berger's distemper can be bought for about TK 265

By Sayeed Mahmud Nizam





Essentials Special

A little ray of hope
Dhaka is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The air here is heavy in its lead content, which is toxic to the human body. However, recent studies show a little sign of hope. The level of toxic elements in the air is decreasing. Experts attribute this positive outcome to the use of CNG as alternative fuel.

Why use CNG?
CNG, which means Compressed Natural Gas, is the cleanest burning fuel. It does not create any harmful by-products. It reduces emissions of carbon monoxide by 85 percent. It helps reduce lead emission.

Wallet friendly
This alternative fuel is not only environment friendly it is wallet friendly as well. With one cubic metre of CNG a 1000cc car can run around 10km, almost the same as Octane or Petrol. One cubic metre of CNG costs 7 taka 45 paisa only, where as one litre of Octane costs tk35, petrol tk33 and diesel cost tk20. See the difference?

Where can you convert?
There are many conversion workshops in the city. The best place among them would be Navana Auto at Tejgaon, Rupantorito Prakritik gas Corporation Limited at Khilkhet and Southern Autos near the Nabisco factory at Tejgaon. To convert a car it would cost between tk 34, 000 to tk 37, 000 and to convert a microbus you will have to spend around tk 47, 000. The cost varies depending on the size and brand of the cylinder. According to workshop engineers, Italian-made cylinders are the best.

Some precautions
In Bangladesh, there have been only one or two incidents of fatality associated with CNG cylinders and its system. Although this system is one of the safest, it would still be wise to take some precautions. Before converting, always make sure the cylinder was properly tested. Always go to the best workshops. Do not think of saving money in this case. Do not purchase second hand cylinders. When you are refilling do not go up more than 3600 PSI.

Saving Mother Nature
Earth, the only breathing place so far for humans in the entire universe, is in danger. We should not think of escaping our responsibility towards the Mother Nature. It is time we do our share and take some serious action to save our part of the world.


By Shahnaz Parveen




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