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April 23, 2004

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Stories from the Prolific Authors

Sanyat Sattar


Ekushey Pa
Bani Basu
Ananda Publishers; January 1994

This is an interesting story about growing up. Here the writer tries to find out everything happening both physically and mentally to young teenagers, who have recently crossed their twenties. The story is based on few teenage friends who enroll into a college to do their graduation. Everything seems to be okay until these few youngsters begin to realise what life truly means to them. A must read undoubtedly.



nanta Aumbore
Humayun Ahmed
Kakali Prakahsani; January 1991

As usual Humayun Ahmed sweeps away the readers with his extremely free-flowing narrative. And it is not an exception this time either. This very novel should however, be called an autobiography. Here the writer describes about his very own life, event and incidents in that very special "floating" manner.





Rang Bondlay
Shirshendu Mukhopadhay
Ananda Publishers; January 2003

Shirshendu Mukhapadhay is a social conscious writer. Almost all of his pieces claim this aspect of social awareness. In this very novel the writer tries to find the main difference between a machine and a human being; and what actually are the factors that are transforming human beings to machines. Love is the basic thing that human beings can share with each other, but what happens to this very faculty of human soul when the person is turned to an absolute machine? Indeed colour of our soul changes time to time and takes a new-look every time in this industrial society.


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