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May 14, 2004

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Cover Story
Saving Mostakina

Even after seeing the 10-year-old bearing such ferocious, raw marks of brutality comments like "you see, domestic workers are such a trouble", "whatever you say maidservants are also no dervishes", "sometimes, you just cannot bear with them", "they are all ungrateful thieves" are common. "I have even heard judges talking about how roguish these domestic workers really are," says Shuruz. No law, no honest police officer can solve it unless we rectify our corrupt, partial perspective.

Mostakina's future is uncertain. Her mother passed away before she can remember. She was brought up by a neighbour. Her father later remarried and someone from her village brought her to the doctor couple. Her father hasn't visited her in the past year. After her treatment is completed, she will go into BNWLA's shelter home, Proshanti. Beyond that, as is the case with many other girls there, no one really knows.





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