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     Volume 4 Issue 24 | December 10, 2004 |

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Dhaka Diary

The Fly-over craze
The other day, my friend and I were crossing the road, under the Mohakhali fly-over, when suddenly human-spittle hit my friend's head with a loud 'smack'. It obviously came from someone standing on the flyover, smirking at having to see such wonderful sights from a different height on the same area he has been hanging out in for years! We were furious, though, and ran up to the fly-over to find this 'spitter', but he had obviously disappeared. Spectators and pedestrians walking about the fly-over is a very common scene, since the establishment of this structure in Mohakhali. They seem to be simply standing on the fly-over, chatting for hours or just sitting around, making it a regular hangout spot. Bangladesh must be the only country in the world, where people are allowed to walk about on the flyover and create yet another mess altogether.

Rahad Abir English Department, Dhaka University

Mugging the muggers
My father is in government service and had bought a revolver for his own safety. During Operation Clean Heart, all legal arms holders were asked to submit their arms to the nearest police station. While he was on his way to the police station, two young men stopped him. They threatened him with their knives and asked my father to hand over everything he had on him. My father, with a beating heart, dared to pull a fast one. He took out his gun and simply inquired, 'Which one do you want? The pistol or the bullets inside it?' They mistook my father as a cop and ran away, leaving behind their knives. My father took the knives home and joked with my mother, "Look honey, the government realised that after submitting the gun we would be helpless. That is why they gave us these knives to protect ourselves!"

Emil Tasia Dhaka

A calculating move indeed!
I am a student of class XI, group science. A while back, I lost my calculator and needed one immediately to catch up with my homework and also at school. So my father got me a new one of the same model from the stadium market. As I began to use the new calculator, I was perplexed by the differences in functions between the lost device and the new one. I was seriously bewildered by the fact that both the calculators were of the same model, but were different in many ways. So I made my way to the stadium and looked at a few of the calculators being sold there. As I had expected, there were duplicate pieces of every original model of calculators! The duplicates display 10 digits as opposed to the original ones displaying 80 digits. Duplicates do not have the 'Shift, Const, ^' buttons as do the original ones. Little details like, the number display actually appearing on the lower line of the display as opposed to the upper line display of numbers on the original calculators have also caught my eye. So a word of advice to all who depend on these scientific calculators, look thoroughly through the device before actually purchasing one.

Piash On Email

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