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     Volume 4 Issue 31 | January 28, 2005 |

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Compositions of
Abu Taher Mojumder

Sanyat Sattar

Abu Taher Mojumder has been walking down the literary path for a long time. He mostly writes poetry and here are a few of his beautiful poetry collections.


Ami Andharei Thakte Chai (I long for darkness)
Abu Taher Mojumder
Ankur Prakashani Dhaka; February 2005

Apart from being a poet, Abu Taher Mojumder is also a lyricist. This book covers Mojumder's lyrical works that have been put into the form of songs by renowned musicians of the country. The ballads are compiled in different segments: patriotic songs, songs on ekushey, love songs, folk songs, religious songs and children's songs. His ballads are characterised by themes such as patriotism, war of independence, nature, love, note of protest against oppression and exploitation, human relationship recollection of the past, joys and sorrows of life etc. The cover designed by eminent artist Quayum Chowdhury has certainly added an extra glamour to this volume.

Demons and the Flag of Life
Abu Taher Mojumder
Ankur Prakashani Dhaka; November 2004

Abu Taher Mojumder generally writes poems in Bangla and only occasionally in English. This is his first collection of such poems. In this collection Mojumder treats the themes of love and patriotism poignantly and touchingly. International issues such as disguised imperialism, show of false love for democracy, human rights, etc., agitate his mind and stir his spirit of antagonism to such things which he denounces openly. His love for humanity and the victims of wanton tyranny are clearly manifest in poems dealing with such themes. In this volume one can easily sense how the poet has detested foreign aggression wholeheartedly.

Anantakal Ei Janalay (Beside this window forever)
Abu Taher Mojumder
Ankur Prakashani Dhaka; February 2002

This compilation of poems is unique in every respect. Here we come across a new poet who seems to be more mature, optimistic and devoted to reality. Love has taken a whole new dimension here. The title poem opens a wide window before us and explores deep into the human psyche. The poem begins in love, browses through history, sketches the darker side of today's world and ends in optimism. This book is a must read, especially for those who love poetry.



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