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     Volume 4 Issue 31 | January 28, 2005 |

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Congratulations on writing such a well-timed and well-written cover story on the Bangladeshi cricket team's pleasantly surprising victory on January 10. Bangladesh always seems to have more negative media publicity than positive these days, but I have noticed that in the last few weeks, SWM has made a conscientious effort to focus on the good aspects of our country instead of the usual murders and social problems. Although I recognise that these issues are important to discuss and that we should be knowledgeable about them, I also feel that it is really difficult to get up every morning and read yet another news article or story about something else that has gone wrong in this somewhat lost and confused country of ours. Starting from the first cover of the new year, when SWM talked about 2004's highest Bangladeshi achievers, to the cover on Qazi Abdul Alim to the most recent cover on our small but very well-timed victory. I would like to request SWM to keep up the good work on boosting Bangladesh's morale by focusing more on the positive. Not to say that we should forget about all the bad things that are happening in the country, but it can help to have that little ray of hope every once in a while.
A Reader
On Email

I was quite intrigued to read about Swedish director Eric Norlin who has introduced a new trend in modern theatre. His theatre group Slava seems to bring vibrancy and excitement to theatre by bringing in 'dance, acrobatics, music and song'. It is encouraging that Norlin came to Dhaka to hold a workshop in Khulna which gave local actors a chance to be acquainted with Norlin's avante-garde work.
It is important for our own theatre to evolve and develop new ways to attract audiences and convey messages in innovative ways.
Sabira Manir deserves congratulations for enlightening us with her in-depth article on this versatile director.

A Realisation
Islam is a religion of peace. However, it is unfortunate that Islam is being branded as a religion of terrorism these days. Those who are pious are considered miscreants. They are involved in suicide attacks, guerrilla attacks and so forth. It might also be that these people may also feel that they have no other choice but to do this for the sake of their beliefs and their freedom because they have no security of life. They are being killed mercilessly by the U.S. forces but this is not seen as terrorism even though many innocent people are among the casualties. So I would like to request everyone to change one's attitude towards Islam.
Rqibul Alam

I was very interested to read an article by Chintito about terrorism and the affects of it in the world. In the article the author mentioned that one person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. One doesn't have to support the global campaign against terrorism that obliterates privacy and even the lives of innocent bystanders and citizens of any given country to realise that terrorism is terrorism and there is no other way of describing it. How can someone call those barbarians who broadcast the killings of missionaries, journalists, and other public service individuals in the name of justice? I am sorry, but what is happening in Palestine and other parts of the Middle East are atrocious and nothing in our religion or social human behaviour dictates this kind of killing, which is brutal, inhuman and pointless. It appears that nowadays people have stopped believing in one truth "violence begets violence". As long as there are people who continue to condone or are indifferent to wasteful deaths this cycle of violence will go on. The strong will continue to harass and kill innocent people using bombs and missiles because a citizen of their country was murdered by a cowardly few who don't even have the courage show their faces.
Zeenat Syed

Scintillating Cover Story On Alim!
My heartfelt thanks to Sultan Quamrun Nahar and SWM for publishing a scintillating cover story on the phenomenal sports personality Qazi Abdul Alim in a recent issue of SWM that pays a deserving tribute to the maestro athlete of the country. It was great to learn amazing facts about Alim who, in his long journey of immeasurable achievements in the field of sports has made a unique mark that culminated in receiving the UNESCO award in 2002. Alim has been the pioneering sports personality in many respects; he led the country in many events and won us fame, founded the physical education institute and the BKSP to help cultivate the spirit of sports that is indispensable for an uplifted nation. This highly educated sports man is an icon for generations to come. Another unique feat that amazes us is his passion for writing and the fact that he has written about 40 books on sports and his other fields of interest. Alim's multidimensional contributions to the nation will remain ever alive in the history of the nation.
We salute, with hats off, this legendary personality, the pride of the country…Congrats SWM for its endeavour to uphold the maestro personalities that our nation has produced.
Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

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