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     Volume 6 Issue 24 | June 22, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

A City of Sea
I am an HSC candidate. One day it was raining heavily for hours on end and I had my Accounting exam. I started for the exam hall about two hours before the exam would begin and somehow managed to reach 30 minutes before. Despite the fact that I was fully drenched, it was not a bad exam at all. But my spirits drowned when I found knee length water all around me, filled with filth. There were not enough vehicles on the road to move the rush of the students. Many of the students were compelled to go home walking. I watched as some students stumbled in the water. The water looked to be a source of millions of diseases. I believe that the HSC exam schedule should be changed so that the students can write their exams in a more favourable environment. Other than that, a proper drainage system should be ensured immediately to solve the problem of water logging. I sincerely hope that the Caretaker Government will take enough measures to avoid these problems in the future.

University Laboratory School and College

Jams on the Roads
Traffic jams have become a major problem in our city life. Basically, they occur because of the heavy numbers of vehicles, not to mention the roads which are mostly narrow and damaged. Not only that, there are often garbage and building materials dumped on the roads. A few days ago, I was accompanying my sister to her HSC exam centre in Cantonment, which happens to be five minutes away from home. We left our house and as every story goes for a Dhaka dweller, we got stuck in a jam, due to which it took us a full 30 minutes to reach the centre! One can just imagine the condition of the student who is on her way for an HSC exam!

Progoti Sharani near New Airport Road is always filled with traffic jams. However, the D.C.C does not seem to take any proper steps to alleviate the distress that the people go through. People are unable to get to their respective destinations, candidates cannot be at the examination centres on time and patients on their way to the hospitals suffer acutely. So, as early as possible the Caretaker Government should take major steps to solve the problem.

Md. Zelhaz Ahmed Tipu

Diary from Chittagong
Experiencing Disaster
It was the day when it rained severely. Lands were damaged and families were affected in the landslides in Chittagong. One of the relatives of my friend residing in an affluent housing society in Chittagong found her house flooded with water. She is an old widow living alone in her one storied building. She could not save any of her belongings. She screamed and asked her neighbours to help her since they were residing in the multi-storeyed buildings next to hers. But to her utter surprise those people living on the upper floors were not responding to her pleas for help. Rather they were watching her house getting demolished like it was some kind of a TV show. At one point, because of the water level rising, the old lady had to get up on her table and sit on a chair to save herself. Fortunately, half an hour later her maidservant came and rescued her to a nearby building. The servant later said to her mistress that she had nothing to lose in the flood but got anxious about the condition of her mistress as she was a lonely old lady and so she came to help her not fearing for her own life. We, the so-called modern and educated people can learn a lot about humanity from these “uneducated, slum dwelling, lower class” people.



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