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     Volume 7 Issue 22 | May 30, 2008 |

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Latest Albums: The Star's Pick

Srabonti Narmeen Ali And Elita Karim

Mila: Chapter 2 (October 2007) -- Literally making the listeners dance on the spot, 'Chapter 2,' released by G series, became a huge success as soon as it hit the scene. In spite of the set being filled with pop numbers fused with the Bangali jatra elements, each composition had Fuad's signature of digital harmony, defining each number by highlighting some of the traditional sounds, such as the dhol and flute.

Laura: Opekkha'r Por (November, 2007) The band Bangladesh's vocalist Laura's first solo album, released by Bengal Music Company is filled with childhood nostalgia and reflections of growing up in Dhaka City. The album, a Bengal Music exclusive, features songs composed and written by Laura herself.

Tahsan: Nei (December 2007) -- Music lovers claim that Tahsan's fourth solo album is one of his best works yet. A set of eleven tracks, all the songs have been composed and arranged by Tahsan. A G-series exclusive, the album showcases Tahsan's extraordinary ability of fusing electronic rhythm with natural harmony. The album readily exhibits the immense amount of hard work and creativity put into the music.

Sumon and Anila: Akhon Ami (January 2008) -- This album, an Agniveena exclusive, although definitely full of Sumon's introspective lyrics and sweet melodies, is quite a change from the acoustic rock sound that has become characteristic of Bassbaba. Teamed with Anila's strong, clear voice and Fuad's electronica jazzy beats the album is the perfect blend of the classics and new age.

Topu: Bondhu Bhabo Ki (February 2008) -- In this album, released by G-Series, Topu's mellow and lucid voice remains true to form. In addition the Yaatri vocalist's solo album with Fuad showcases just how versatile he is. Rather than the funky rock feel associated with Yaatri, this album seems to explore a softer and more retrospective side of the artist.

Habib: Bolchi Tomake (February 2008) -- Habib's most recent album, a Shongita release, reminds us of what made the young star so popular so many years ago. Released in February of 2008, this album features his innovative and funky beats which make it impossible for the listener not to tap their feet and bob their heads in time. His tunes are catchy and melodious, made even more intense by the artist's gravely and soulful voice.

Ornob: Doob (April 2008) -- Ornob's Doob, released by Bengal Music Company, exhibits the artist's versatility and openness in trying different things. The album, dabbling in all sorts of sounds, from rock to psychedelic to soul, has something for everyone. The artist experiments with many different kinds of sounds and in true Ornob fashion, makes it sound effortless.

Armeen Musa: Ay Ghum Bhangai (April 2008) -- A G-series exclusive, most of the songs in this album have been written and composed by Armeen herself. With a blend of pop, alternative, rock and new age fusion, the album reflects the fun side of the artist. Many of the numbers have heart-wrenching lyrics complementing the soft touch of an acoustic guitar or the sound of piano notes.


Pure to the Core

Growing up in Gopibaj and being a lover of cricket and music, Shaikh Shahed Ali loved music from a young age, learning from his brother Iqbal and a friend how to play the guitar. Now having released his fourth album, Classroome Boshe Shekha, the artist takes The Star (TS) through his life journey, discussing his influences and inspirations.

TS: When did you first realise that you wanted to be a musician?

SSA: I started out by listening. My dad had a small turntable and though I liked all sorts of music, I still remember that the first song that I really and truly loved was Chubby Checker's 'Come On, Let's Twist Again.' I saw those as my songs.

TS: What is your favourite song in the album?

SSA: I love all these songs, they are all my babies. I don't really have a favourite song because each one has a different significance for me. For example, one of my songs is about a fifteen second love story, where I saw a girl on the street and we were both staring at each other and I believed it to be love. I immediately went to a teashop and ordered tea and shingaras, as well as something to write with. I wrote that song with a pencil on a housie sheet.

TS: What is music to you?

SSA: Music is something that is purely mine. These hands, these feet, my nails, my eyes, they are not mine. But music is something that is truly mine. Listening to my own music is like time travelling through the different phases of my life.

TS: Thoughts on being famous?

SSA: People who really love music shouldn't be greedy for stardom. In fact it is better not to be a star because you have much more freedom to do what you want to do with your own music. Otherwise you are always thinking about what your fans want and live in fear of disappointing them and that holds you back at times.
Working Solo

Afamous name in the band scene, Balam recently shocked everyone and shifted from being the rocker in Warfaze to a solo musician, singing heartbreaking melodies. Recently coming out with his second solo album and a duet album with his sister Julee in the same year, he now tries to balance a busy life filled with making compositions in his studio and performing live on stage all over the country.

TS: How does it feel working solo?

Balam: I am happy and quite satisfied with my work so far. Working with a band was obviously a lot of fun and I have been doing it for years. However, the advantage of working solo is that I have the freedom to create my own harmonies and have no limitations whatsoever.

TS: Are you still producing music and working with other musicians?

Balam: Unfortunately, I have not been able to work on jingles or produce music with other musicians because of my hectic schedule. I have put that on hold for the time being. Hopefully, I will be able to get back to it soon.

TS: How was it working with your sister in the album?

Balam: Julee is a very good singer and I had worked with her previously in 'Prem Shikarii', my first solo album where I had featured a number of singers and musicians. Julee and I worked together at home on the compositions. She being my sister, I am also aware of her likes and dislikes. I know her vocal range and to what kind of music her voice would adapt.

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