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     Volume 7 Issue 22 | May 30, 2008 |

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Writing the Wrong

Hillary Needs a Hug or a Slap

Sharbari Ahmed

And I am just the woman to give it to her--either one. I am disdainful of her inability to admit defeat, no actually I am disgusted with it because its shows an acute lack of leadership, but I understand how badly she wanted this, and how hard she worked for it, and just how painful, and frightening the prospect of losing must be.

That being said, a true leader does not hold on to a losing ticket at the expense of the people she claims to lead or the party to which she claims loyalty. Hillary is showing a lack of vision, and selfishness that if elected, will most certainly harm this nation-- not to mention Iran, which McCain, ps, is fixing to bomb the first chance he gets. In fact if he wins, right after he gets sworn in, he will hug his attractive wife (suspiciously too attractive if you ask me), shake hands with the judge, walk in to the oval office and then bomb Iran. Mark my words. But I digress. Hillary is drowning. She is drowning in her egouh oh! Attachment! Twenty million dollars of debt that her campaign has racked up and complete and utter hubris. The sense of entitlement she and her husband are displaying, like somehow they deserve the White House, is off putting to say the least and I think what ultimately harmed her. That and building an entire platform on the simple notion that she could outgun the Republicans. My stick is bigger than yours and so on.

Her petticoat is showing, actually it has been on alarming display for several weeks now. I don't know about you, but I have no desire to see my president's petticoat. This is what I mean, as I know some of you have started visualizing Hillary's undergarments-- quick, blot it out! It is one thing for a leader to show vulnerability and humanity; an ability to empathise or admit when they are wrong--these are necessary qualities in a leader. But it is wholly another thing to expose one's weaknesses, and baser instincts. That is what I mean by her petticoat. I caught a glimpse of it, and it 'aint pretty. Yet, yet, I feel for her.

Two days ago she won the primary in West Virginia by a landslide but it won't be enough. My man Barack, and yes, he still is my man, though I have decided to give him some space and sit back and observe what he is up to, instead of running to the TV every time he is on because, when you love a man you have to give him space to grow-- conceded in West Virginia well before the polls were in. But he also picked up a few more of those annoying and suddenly imperative super delegates, who should be banished to the foothills of the Himalayas if you ask me where they can meddle with sherpa elections and leave us alone-- as well as the endorsement of former Democratic candidate, John Edwards. Now that's a ticket that could very well win. Obama and Edwards, northern liberals and southern good o'l boys covered in one fell swoop. Lately also Edwards has started talking about his plans for poverty alleviation-- a subject close to Barack's heart. Edward's endorsement was announced yesterday, dimming Hillary's victory I think, and Barack and she met on the senate floor for a brief chat. He patted her arm-- in a very presidential way, I might add, and she smiled at him. It was an aerial view of the floor, but it did seem sincere. Even from that angle I could tell she was tired, while Barack looked as fresh as a posy. I shouted at the TV-- I do that a lot-- give it up girl! For your sake, and for ours. The end is near, we can all see the destination Hillary, why can't you? Be proud of what you have accomplished and the fact that you most certainly have inspired an entire generation of little girls to grace the white house as something other than an ornament. You have shown all of us what we women are capable of. You have raised a daughter, stood by a husband who hurt you with dignity, become a senator, and given us a glimpse of the future. Just let go, just let go and let Mr. Obama and the American people do their jobs. Help us usher in a new era and know that you were an integral part of it. Just let go, and we will love you for it.

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