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     Volume 7 Issue 24 | June 13, 2008 |


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Rice is Life

In recent times rice has made the headlines for the wrong reasons. The spiraling price of this basic staple has threatened to push millions of people into poverty and malnutrition. The growing number of middle class people queuing for subsidised rice at BDR shops showed how desperate the situation had become. To our relief, the ever-resilient Bangladeshi farmer responded with a bumper Boro crop. But the respite may be short-lived. Bizarre weather patterns, increased cost of fuel and fertilizer coupled with pressures of a rising population pose formidable challenges. Experts warn that soaring global food prices mean that we must look within to attain food security. Will Bangladeshi farmers rise to the challenge? Perhaps it is time we took a long hard look at rice.

Cover Photo Zahedul I Khan
Cover Design Manan Morshed

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