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     Volume 8 Issue 67 | May 1, 2009 |


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Making It More Endurable

The Labour Law 2006 (of Bangladesh) clearly states that a worker has the right to rest and recreation during and after work hours. In fact, the law ensures the workers security, the right to take his or her employer to court in case of an offence, compensation in case of accidents, weekly and yearly holidays, a proper salary fixed by the government and in some cases, education facilities for young workers. The law, however, does not apply to individuals working in sectors other than the RMG or similar industries, for instance domestic workers. For decades, this informal sector has been growing and today there are more than 20 lakh domestic workers in urban homes of Dhaka and Chittagong alone. Despite this burgeoning sector, domestic workers are considered informal labourers. Moreover, the government does not recognise them as workers with rights, as in the case of factory workers.

Cover Photo
Zahedul I Khan
Cover Design
Manan Morshed

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