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    Volume 9 Issue 3 | January 15, 2010|

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Photo Feature

Living in Wasteland

Zahedul I Khan

The constant stink of rotting garbage has dulled their sensibilities and made them strangers to the outside world. At age 11 Shewli spends eight to ten hours in Matuail waste dump in Demra and is not familiar with what entails the normal life of a child. All she knows is that at the end of each day, unless she manages to collect at least ten kilo of wasted plastic, her family will have to go without dinner that night. Twelve-year -old Shahidul whose father left many years ago, has forgotten how to play as he is now responsible for feeding himself and his mother. Hundreds of children and adults work in these dumps, a place where they must spend hours, eating, resting and looking for saleable waste amongst the stink and grime that is their workplace. .

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