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     Volume 9 Issue 3 | January 15, 2010|

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" To ensure such a regular flow of the Ganges water, the two countries concluded the historic 30-year Ganges Water Treaty in 1996 which symbolised the true spirit of what our two countries can do. "
prime minister
to the Indian premier.
"With the same spirit, we need to conclude treaties on water sharing of the river Teesta and other common rivers. On this very important issue, I request your support in arriving at mutual agreements," she has also said.

"Build yourselves overcoming all the difficulties to develop potential and take the challenges of the 21st century."
launching a fellowship programme at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong.

" The convicts killed the then president of the country also the father of the nation, along with most of his family. The killing was one of the most heinous offences in history, and that is why the killers do not deserve mercy."
law minister.

"Will the rule of law be established in the country if these cases are withdrawn?"
LGRD Minister
about corruption cases against BNP leaders must be settled in court.

"The prosecution has proved its case against the accused beyond reasonable doubt. The accused is found guilty and convicted on the charge against him, and shall suffer the mandatory death sentence."
Singapore High Court Judge
handing down death penalty to Bangladeshi migrant worker Kamrul Hasan Abdul Quddus for strangling to death his Indonesian girlfriend Yulia Afriyant in Singapore.


Cartoon by Tanmoy

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