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    Volume 9 Issue 26| June 25, 2010|

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Star Diary

Is it a mistake?

The other day, I was walking on the road in front of my home, when a rickshaw puller called me from behind by a name I recognized. I knew a man by that name quite well. Before admitting this I wanted to find out how the rickshawpuller knew this man. He said he had been his passenger once and had asked him to wait for 15 minutes after taking him to his destination to collect his fare. The rickshawpuller had waited but to no avail.
He remembered the man's name however and said I bore strong resemblance to him. I told the rickshawpuller where the man lives and he collected the fare, thanking me profusely. He was told the man had forgotten he had not paid for his ride. The whole incident left me wondering whether my acquaintance had actually forgotten or whether it was intentional, just to save a few takas.

A Horrific Story

The other day I was travelling from Chittagong to Mirsarai by bus. While our bus was passing through Nizampur Bazar, a six-year old girl who was waiting with her mother to cross the road suddenly started running across by herself, twenty yards from our running bus. The driver got confused and suddently slowed down to save the girl and everyone in the bus jumped out of their seats in horror. The little girl narrowly escaped the accident. So, we should hold our children's hands tightly while they are crossing the road with us.
MD. Ariful Islam

Vocational training

Our country's educational systems are not well-planned like the other developing or developed countries. Bangladesh adopted a lot of educational systems such as Bangla medium, English medium, Madrasha education, Vocational education etc. the students of different disciplines follow different curriculums. For example, a student of general medium background does not know anything about technical or vocational training. But it is important to have vocational or technical knowledge to keep up with the fast growing world. On the other hand, if we see the other countries 'educational curriculum, they have at least one Vocational training programme for their students and it is mandatory.
To sum up, I would like request the concerned authorities to include in our education system not only textbook based but also technical education.
Md.Zahidul Islam Zibon

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