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           Volume 10 |Issue 10| March 11, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Be Quick!

That day, I was waiting eagerly to go the match between Bangladesh and West Indies. Like many of my countrymen, I had high expectations from my team. With these feelings, I entered the Mirpur stadium spproximately two hours after the first innings had begun.

I expected to find it difficult to enter the stadium because of the large crowds and so chose to go a little late to avoid the familiar mad rush. However, as I was about to enter the stadium, I was a little surprised to see sarcastic smiles poring at me from all directions, and that included the police. Instead of the huge crowds that were supposed to fill the entrance gates, instead I could see massive number of people pouring out from the exit gates.

As security punched my card, one of them said, "You have wasted your money." Upon entering the stadium, I could see what he meant. So my advice to Bangladeshi fans is not to make delay if they want to see our favourite team bat first.

Imran Kabir


Last week I went to a popular sheesha lounge and restaurant on Shat Masjid road with a few friends. We were half way through our meal and were enjoying the music and the ambience, when suddenly, a huge rat crept out from under one their couches and started running around the room. Disgusted, we called the manager and pointed the creature out to him and asked if they keep the place clean and enquired what the condition of their kitchen was. However, we were surprised when he smiled and said, “If you are scared of rats we can arrange a seat for you far away from this area.” He did not even understand that we were concerned about hygiene and how appalling it was to have a rodent in a restaurant. I think these incidents calls for more regular inspections of all restaurants and fast food joints in the city.

Rumaila Kuddus
Dhanmondhi, Dhaka

Unsporting Behaviour

Photo: Star File

Following our horrific defeat to the Windies, the whole nation was in utter shock, and that is totally understandable However, what really shocked me was the hate that followed ultimately resulting in the violence directed against the bus carrying the Windies players back home, who were mistaken for the Bangladesh team.

The incident has embarrassed many like me who pride Bangladesh as a very hospitable nation. Throwing stones at our own team is unacceptable as it is, when stones are thrown at foreign players, I think this is even worse as they are our honoured guests. I feel that we have degenerated into a nation that cannot accept defeat in a cricket match. It is an awful defeat but these things do happen in cricket or football or every other game. Does that mean that we should curse our team, or throw stones at buses carrying players? In the stadium I saw crowds cursing the players in foul language, and showing shoes directed at the Bangladesh cricket team. The same supporters must have rejoiced when Bangladesh edged past Ireland. We should stick by our team in victory and defeat, otherwise we should refrain from any kind of support altogether. When emotions result in the stoning of the opposition team, whether by mistake or intention, it is embarrassing for the whole nation.

Mostafa Kamal


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